Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ava's 1st Christmas

Before I go, here is a sample of my clay work, an ornament that I've made over the years for Baby's 1st Christmas. I especially like the slight modifications made to this one. All of the trailing ribbons are new. Not sure if they detract from the piece or add some movement, but it appeals to me. Then "Ava's 1st Christmas" needs to be added to the rocker and "2008" to the saddle.

Moments make Memories

Spending time with my family and friends during is the holidays is one of my favorite things. Last Sunday our holiday gathering seemed to be so early, however it was nice to not feel rushed. Everytime our gathering has been a week earlier or later, I seem to enjoy it more. The pressure of the season is lighter and allows me to relax. I wasn't thinking about the packages that needed to be wrapped or the last minute gifts that needed to be purchased. It was just relaxing and enjoying the moment. Ahhhh...

Today I am spending the day with my friend and am looking forward to sitting down to enjoy her company. As I grow up I realize the importance of family and friends and how spending time with them enriches my life. It is the little moments like these that are the most precious. Thank you to all my family and friends for the special holiday moments that make memories.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Novice blogger

I'm sitting here totally confused as to why I decided to start a blog. What is the reason I've ventured into this foreign world? Is it because I think it will be helpful in to keep me focused on my art and connected with the public? Whatever the reason is, I have started it now. Where it will lead, I do not know. My first thoughts are that it will be a great space to get feedback for my art and how it appeals to the public. Hopefully it will get me inspired to create and at the same time be a journal of my art. Please bear with me as I learn to blog. This is a new adventure for me.