Thursday, April 14, 2011

Copper Guitar

Copper Guitar

Metalwork by Brian Hughes
Textured copper by Rick Novito

This hand crafted copper guitar is a one of a kind piece of art made as a memorial to Rick Novito for his family.

The story starts with a request from Rick to Brian for help to fabricate a copper counter top. Rick, a talented woodworker, was making a hutch for his home and wanted to put a textured copper top on the counter, letting it age naturally. Brian asked Rick to purchase the copper for him to fabricate into the counter.

After quite some time, Rick called Brian back to let him know he was ready. He finished hammering the copper and was ready for it to be formed into the counter top. Rick's arm was sore and it took forever to texture the copper. Brian gasped, knowing the copper was suppose to be textured after being adhered to the counter. He asked Rick what the copper looked like. After finding out that it was all rippled Brian informed Rick that he had jumped into altering the surface too soon, he was to texture the metal after it was attached to the surface of the hutch. In a effort to save it, they worked the metal, rolling it through rollers, heating it, rolling it some more but there was no saving this counter top.

Rick finished his hutch, covering the top with marble so his mother could make ravioli. The copper sat in Rick's basement from then on and was a running joke whenever they spoke. Every now and then, Brian would ask Rick, what about the copper....what are you going to do with it.

Unfortunately Rick passed away, the copper was still in his basement years later, aging naturally. Rick's mother, Gloria, requested that Brian make something from the copper. As a tribute to Rick and his talent as a musician, Brian used the copper counter top to make this guitar. Rick loved playing music. The texture on the surface of the guitar is the hard work of Rick Novito. The fabrication of the copper into the guitar is the hard work of Brian Hughes, my husband.

To hear some of beautiful music from Rick, go to "Rick Novito Memorial" on facebook.