Monday, January 14, 2008

New Pens

It's always a good day when you are inspired with some sort of new idea. My inspiration came while shopping at Barnes and Noble. Waiting patiently in line, my gaze moved over the counter from side to side...then I see it, beautiful pens with a design that could be replicated in clay. Oh how I love when I see a design that both appeals to me and can be replicated in clay. This idea stuck with me for a few days until the moment came where it could be experimented with. This short visit to Barnes and Noble will give me days and days of clay fun. All of the different color combinations, some work together and others don't. Stay tuned for the pictures of my new pens.


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Welcome to the BLOG WORLD!!! Helen It's so nice to see you blogging and sharing your talent! You are an amazing clay artist!!!

I'll add your link to my blog!!

Can't wait to see more! Linda

Helen Hughes said...

Thanks Linda! Just found out today that you found me. Cathy Johnston called today to chat and mentioned you talked at CHA. Thanks again for the link.