Sunday, March 22, 2009

Road Trip - Day 1

Sunday, March 22nd
Lewis and Clark Bridge connecting Washington and Oregon
Good-bye WashingtonLooking up at the bridge while traveling over it.
Today our travels began in the afternoon around 2:30pm. We drove down I-5, turning off at exit 36 to head over to the Lewis and Clark Bridge and into Oregon, headed west for a while and ended our day in Astoria, Oregon.
When the sun rises I'll take another photo of a bridge, the Astoria Bridge. The hotel we're staying at is almost under it.


Vinjovee said...

Brian & Helen... your off & running, taking the time to include a lot of these old historic sites brings back a lot of memories & good for you guys that you have added them into the trip. Take a bunch of pictures to share once you get here... looking forward to seeing you both.. Love Vinnie & Carla

rredstone said...

Brain and Helen,
Great your finally on the road, we can hardly wait to see you. Remember when we to Astoria with Granndma and Grandpa. Another road trip to see the sights. Love Ruby and Joe

Anonymous said...

This is great!! I almost feel like I'm with you!! Keep up the blog can't wait to see my picture on the cover!!! joe the pool man.

Vinjovee said...

Well.. I have faithfully been checking daily to see where you two are at on the journey & like always being a little new to this blogging thing I'm having a little trouble posting... but I'll keep trying till I get it figured out. Hope the two of you are well and the trip is going as planned... big hugs Vinnie & Carla