Thursday, March 26, 2009

Road Trip - Day 5

Thursday, March 26th
Drive through Tree
Too tight to risk driving through in Brian's new truck.
Golden Gate Bridge Today didn't produce many photos but it was an exciting day. I'm sure the handrest must have permanent marks from my grip. I held on so tight as we winded around each hairpin turn driving from Leggett on Hwy 101 over to Hwy 1. Then no sooner we got over there and a couple hours later we got off Hwy 1 and started traveling through vinyards back towards Hwy 101. Neither Brian, nor I know how that happened. I think it must be those Bentley sport cars that Brian was talking about. He must have just followed the Bentley out of Mendocino and onto Hwy 128. After making our way back over to Hwy 101, traveling down into San Francisco wasn't as nice as the coastal traveling we had been doing in the previous days. After going over the Golden Gate Bridge we quickly made our way back to Hwy 1 and the familiar coast. Tonight we ended our trip in Half Moon Bay and went to the harbor for dinner. Ahhh...I'm sure to sleep well tonight.

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