Friday, March 27, 2009

Road Trip - Day 6

Friday, March 27th
Some Lighthouse along the California Coast
Bean Hollow Point, CA

Another day of not many photos, but that's okay since the internet connection is very slow for uploading photos. We started out this morning in Half Moon Bay. We had lunch on the Wharf in Santa Cruz. We did plan to stay in Monterey, but after getting there and driving on the Wharf and down Cannery Row decided that we like those little towns, so off we went. We ended up in San Simeon. Tonight we drove into Cambria to get gas for tomorrow. The town had closed up before we got there, however I did find a bead store so we'll be back tomorrow on our way out.

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dizzle said...

The pictures make you seem not so far away. I am glad you're having a good time. I love you guys!