Friday, April 3, 2009

Road Trip - Day 13

Friday, April 3rd
Joe's Pool and Spa
Today was both a happy day and sad day. We left my sister and her family but we did have a great time this week. Here is a photo of Brian with my sisters fiance, Joe, in front of his pool supply store.

Traveling from Huntington Beach to Palm Springs was an experience. Neither Brian, nor I had ever been in a sand storm. The police were on the side of the highway with their sirens on to warn travelers of the danger up ahead. Needless to say Brian was grateful that he waited to wash his truck, however it being sandblasted was not fun.

On the up side we are renewing our friendship with my high school friend, Carolyn and her husband, Clark. It was a priceless moment when we walked into her store and surprised her. I'll never forget her expression. She did not know we were traveling and she definately didn't know that we would be standing outside her office door when she turned around to speak to her customer. I think it was a moment that I can say her mouth dropped to the floor. We gave each other great big hugs. When Carolyn explained to her customer who we were, her customer said that it gave her chills. I think she was just as excited for Carolyn as I was to see her. Oh and tomorrow I'll have to take photos of her store and Clark's (Carolyn's husband) botanical gardens.

We went out to dinner with them and realized that it had been way too long since we had communicated. I miss them. It is times like this that we wonder why do we wait so long? She is my best friend from high school and I need to stay in better contact with her. We have more plans in the next couple of days to catch up.

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Anonymous said...

We'll miss you guys!! Hurry back!! Hey Brian quit whinning, I went through a sand storm on my Harley!!
Love you guys,
Ruby's Fiance