Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip - Day 31 (continued)

Tuesday, April 21st
Yellowstone National ParkOld Faithful

Elk grazing

An up close and personal view with a Bison.
Check out the reflection in the hood of Brian's truck. It was definately too close for me, and Brian was on cloud 9.

An archway at the north entrance to the park:
Yellowstone National Park
For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People
Created by Act of Congress
March 1, 1872
This morning we intended to enter Yellowstone via the south entrance, however after driving up there, we found out the south entrance to the park was closed. We had to turn around and go in the west entrance. Boy that put a damper on the day, however we were able to see fantastic views of the Tetons. There wasn't a cloud in the sky at the time. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all. Immediately after entering Yellowstone we encountered some elk near the rivers edge, just a few feet from the road. Not far up the road there were bison in the road. There were approximately a dozen of them trotting down the middle of the road. We were blown away. I was frightened and Brian was excited. Wildlife sightings included swans, deer, geese, elk, bison, coyote or wolf, and moose. Mostly we saw Bison and Elk.

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