Friday, April 24, 2009

Road Trip - The Last Hours

Thursday, April 23rd
Snoqualmie Pass

While Brian was pumping gas and I was cleaning the bugs off the windshield and still wearing the summer clothes, we were shivering. We had packed up our winter clothes early in our trip, pushing them to the deep crevices in the back of the truck not knowing they would be needed again. After we left the redwoods we didn't need them. Yesterday I wished I had them on. It was down right cold. There was a part of me hoping that when we returned home it would be spring, not winter still.
Snoqualmie pass still has tons of snow. There wasn't any snow on the road but it was snowing as we crossed over.
It is good to be home so that we can see our girls again. I'm looking forward to seeing my local relatives and friends. I missed everyone but I must say that I didn't miss the cold.
I'm going to fill in with additional photos on some of the previous days posts. The internet connection was slow on some days making it difficult if not impossible to upload photos.


Vinjovee said...

Helen & Brian, we got a little busy for a couple of days and I fell behind on my daily fix on the blog... thanks so much for the great pictures.If there was a few that made me miss home just a little, it would be those with the mountain ranges, beautiful fir trees and of course the snow on Snoqualmie pass, probably because you can go & see that just 45 minutes from the city. Now don't get the wrong idea that I'm that home sick or going to do anything foolish.... after all I just finished 18 holes of golf, it was a perfect 82 degrees and I'm putting my sorry self on an air mattress in the pool with a ice cold cocktail... (the snow looks great in the pictures) Love you all a bunch your brother !! Vinnie & Carla

Carolyn Moorten said...

Dear Helen & Brian, We loved following your blog. What a great trip you guys had. Clark and I are so glad you included us on your journey. We are looking forward to seeing you in early July when we are in Seattle. Be sure to keep July 5th open for Dad's party. I can't wait to see his face when you two arrive. Love you guys! Carolyn & Clark