Monday, April 20, 2009

Road Trip - Day 30

Monday, April 20th
Scenic View of the mountains in Wyoming Hundreds of elk feeding off the side of the highway. This photo only shows a few of the many that were there. At first I thought they were sheep, but with a closer examination and with Brian yelling at me ( I mean "telling"), I was mistaken, they were ELK.
What a privilege to see this off the side of the road.

Afton, Wyoming
Elk horn Archway over the roadway in town.

We traveled north towards Jackson, weaving in and out of states. Starting out in Nephi, Utah, then crossing over into Wyoming, then back to Utah, back to Wyoming, then into Idaho and finally back into Wyoming. It was quite an interesting drive north towards Yellowstone.

See we did go over into Idaho.

Unfortunately Utah doesn't welcome its travelers with a sign. At first I thought that I had missed the sign when we first came over the state line from the Grand Canyon yesterday. However after traveling in and out of Utah today, there weren't any signs. So Brian and I decided to take photos of the Wyoming and Idaho welcome signs.
Mountain views, I think these mountains were outside of Provo, Utah. I could be wrong. As you know we had a long day and with all of those crossings over state lines, who knows what mountains they are.
Tomorrow we plan to go north and into Yellowstone National Park. Hopefully we'll be able to see some things. Our lunch waitress informed us that much of Yellowstone is still closed for winter. Old Faithful is suppose to be open, so at least we'll see that.

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