Saturday, April 18, 2009

Road Trip - Day 28

Saturday, April 18th

The Grand Canyon

Vinnie, Carla and Brian

Snowy mountains somewhere around Flagstaff.

Indian Arts and Crafts Fair at a scenic overlook.
Scenic Overlook on our way to the Grand Canyon
Vinnie and Carla are leaving us and the Grand Canyon to head back to Sun City.
Good Bye and Thank you so much for your hospitality Vinnie and Carla.
I believe this is a Raven. We have tons of crows in Seattle, but I've never seen a raven.
Ravens are so big

Brian and I enjoyed our trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon with my brother, Vinnie and his wife Carla. The sights were incredible. The Grand Canyon is a sight I hope everyone has a chance to see. You can't quite get the magnitude of the Grand Canyon until you see it in person. Many people told us that and when I stood on the overlook at the first vista point while in the park, I knew they were right. It is incredible!

At the end of our journey, Vinnie and Carla drove south and we drove east to get around the canyon so we could head north. We are grateful for their hospitality during the last week. It allowed us to be able to spend time with all of Brian's relatives in the greater Phoenix area. Thank you Vinnie and Carla. Tonight we are spending the night in Page, Arizona.

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Vinjovee said...

Helen & Brian
Getting together and just spending time together one on one like that is what it is all about. Preparing home cooked meals together, laughing, sharing old & fond memories... opening a nice bottle of wine and taking a brief trip back in time touches my heart deeply because these are the bonds that connect us forever. It was very relaxing having you as house guest, you had visiting to do & it still afforded us all to hook-up later in the day. The road trip to Sedona & the Grand Canyon was perfect.... we feel fortunate that our first trip there was with you two. Brian.... I can't tell you how proud I am of you for not laying up once we made the trip... another one of the stories I'll get to share with Grand children, and I mean that in a very positive way.... we love you both tons & you now know your way here... don't be strangers... Vinnie & Carla