Thursday, April 16, 2009

Road Trip - Day 26

Thursday, April 16th
Dave Capeloto playing the piano at Ruffino's
Ellie, Dave and Brian

Brian with his Uncle Bill

Today we ventured out to Chandler, Arizona to visit Brian's relatives. First we tried to see his mother, who was vacationing down here, however she wasn't home so we tried his Uncle Bill and Aunt Jeanne's house around the corner. Jeanne wasn't home, but we did visit with Uncle Bill for a while. We decided to go to Ruffino's for lunch and hopefully meet up with Dave, Brian's cousin. Before heading out, we drove back around the corner to see if Ellie and Pam had returned. Luckily they were home. We chatted with both of them and then asked if they wanted to go see Dave. Ellie decided to go with us, because she had already seen the Titanic exhibit that the others were going to. We had a wonderful lunch and it was fun to reconnect with Dave again. It is amazing that the more people we see, we realize that everyone seems the same. I guess that is a good thing. We had another sunny day in Arizona. If you have a moment check back a few days to see the additional photos I am uploading of Vinnie and Carla's beautiful home.

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